Here’s How to Get the Proposal You’ve Been Waiting For

You’ve got the guy or gal of your dreams, and now you just need him or her to get down on bended knee andask you to be his or hers forevermore. Your waiting is over, readers. Here are the expert tips you need tohelp your partner pop the question in the way you’ve dreamed.

Talk about your dreams for your engagement.
Don’t assume your partner intuitively knows your desire to get engaged. He or she could be waiting, says Bela Gandhi, relationship expert and founder of Smart Dating Academy, because he or she isn’t aware you’re ready. “Broach the subject so that your partner knows that you want to marry him or her,” advises Gandhi. “People are often afraid of rejection, so if you initiate that conversation, you may allay any fears he or she has of you saying no on the big day.” This could nudge him or her toward asking for your hand in marriage even sooner.

Share the specifics.
You and your partner talk about anything and everything. Why not this, too? “If you want to be engaged by a certain time frame, then let that be known,” says Gandhi. “I’m telling you, with the right person, it works.” Beyond that, if you’ve always dreamed of screaming yes in front of family, or sharing the news during the already jubilant holiday season, speak up so that your partner has a clear picture of your expectations and desires.

Let pictures speak 1,000 words.
If you’ve got a dream ring in mind, don’t leave what you’ll wear forever to chance. “Show your partner the kind of ring you want,” says Gandhi. Not only will this lead to your own satisfaction, she says, but your visual aids will also take the pressure of producing the perfect ring off your partner’s plate. “This can be a big stressor,” Gandhi explains, “and knowing the type of ring you want will help a good mate because he or she wants to make you happy!”


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