How 7 Married Couples Are Making Time For Sex

Think you have no time to squeeze in sex? Think again. These seven married women are here to share their secrets for fitting intimacy into your jam-packed schedule.

“I attribute our healthy bond to getting creative so that we can get it on. With a schedule that would make most self-embraced super women queasy, I don’t have time for unnecessary arguments that are a result of undersexed partners, so I make intercourse a priority. Midnight picnics that begin post baby bedtimes, 10 to 15 minute passionate primers for turning the dial up on anticipation, and fearless fondling that I have no qualms initiating are just a few ways to make sure intimate moments won’t be pushed to the back of the marriage shelf.” — Naketa

“I have two young kids at home, so I really do have to make time for making love. We often try to have both our boys take naps at the same time, and that’s when we can have time for each other. One thing that really helps is anticipation of the event: If we both know what’s going to happen, we can jump right in versus having to feel out if the other is interested. Having sex has already been decided, and that saves a lot of time!” — Belah

“I make a time slot for my husband and I to be together at least one hour before bedtime. We use that time for hanging out, working side-by-side, or for being intimate. Because we know that the time is there, we can act on our desires.” — Maureen

“I literally put it on the calendar. Planning lovemaking and being committed to it is the key to making sure it actually happens. Otherwise, it is too easy to put it off because we’re too tired or too busy. And then the next thing you know, weeks turn into months and there’s been no lovemaking.” — Janelle

“I ask a family member to watch the kids for an hour or two so that me and my husband can go out. If we go out, we always enjoy ourselves, even if it’s just for 30 minutes. And honestly, 30 minutes is more than enough time for intercourse. If we have to do it in the car, we do. We make sure that we get that time with each other every week because we know it’s vital.” — Tiffany

“I have sex because I initiate it and make it a priority in my marriage. Schedule it, or it will always be last on your list of priorities. For example, on Monday mornings after the kids go to school, we run home and have sex before work. It’s something we look forward to and it’s a guarantee.” — Kelley

“I remind myself that it doesn’t have to be a big deal. When my husband comes around with that particular look in his eye or a warmer than usual kiss, I try to remember that I’m so lucky that he still loves and wants me. If he wants to meet in the closet — no kidding, I think having a walk-in closet is the key to our happy marriage — hop in the shower, or escape to the laundry room, I do it. It doesn’t have to take a long time and there doesn’t need to be a bunch of toys involved. Just connecting with him in the way that is meaningful to him is what matters.” — Kelly


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