7 People You’ll Find on the Dance Floor at Every Wedding

The party doesn’t start until these people walk in! From baby boomers gone wild to cute kids and drunk in love couples, we’re breaking down the 7 types of guests you’re guaranteed to spot on the dance floor at any given wedding. Be sure to invite these folks to your event.

1. The Break Dancer
It’s almost impossible for someone not to break out in a break dance at a wedding; it’s a given. Be it the groom or his best man, just wait until the end of the night when there’s a few drinks in his system and all his boys are egging him on. A circle will form (but of course), and the look on your guests’ faces will be totally priceless as he hits the floor and spins right round.

2. The Baby Boomer Mom Gone Wild
She hasn’t been to a party like this in ages! An open bar surrounded by her besties, your mom included, and with the kids all grown, she’s ready to rage like it’s the 70s again. Her dance moves, albeit outdated, definitely deserve an A+ for effort.

3. The Dancing Queen
Literally, the only time you’ll see this girl leave the dance floor is to rehydrate or because she’s sweating too hard! Her energy is contagious, even if her dance moves are a bit spastic. She makes all your other friends and family want to get up on their feet and bust a move. She’s bubbly, fun and could care less about what other people think. You won’t be able to take your eyes off her in the best way possible.

4. The Cute Kid
Watch out when the Whip and Nae Nae comes on (we’re looking at you Riley Curry!) Considering it’s a kid-friendly wedding, you’re likely to spot more than a few cutie patooties shaking their groove thing out on the dance floor. Get your cameras ready; a viral worthy wedding dance could happen at any moment.

5. The Inappropriate Couple
Two people, one type, and we know you know the type! You’re kind of grossed out by their touchy feely antics, yet you’re thoroughly entertained by them at the same time. From the way they’re making out all night, and bumping and grinding on each other getting low, you’d think it was their big day. Nah, they’re just drunk in love.

6. The Nostalgic Dancer
One of the most popular slash relatable types, the nostalgic dancer goes absolutely bonkers for songs that take them on a trip down memory lane. They literally give zero effs and will drop it like it’s hot to rush the dance floor as soon as the beat drops. Slightly out of control and completely wrapped up in the moment, you can bet they’ll be singing along to every verse with a group of likeminded friends.

7. The Bystander
AKA that one person that stands along the edge of the dance floor all night, people watching while sipping a cocktail, but never actually steps out on the floor. Creeper or just shy? It could really go either way.


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