5 Ways Your Wedding Music Can Kill the Vibe

Music has the ability to move us, to make big moments that much bigger, and to invoke a wide array of emotions, which is critical at a wedding. So how do you ensure your song selections really set the mood for better and not worse? We suggest you start by avoiding these 5 vibe-killing mistakes.

1. You picked the instrumental version of a song with a great beat but bad lyrics
Playing the right music at the right time is essential to setting the tone for your wedding, points out planner Tracy Taylor Ward of Tracy Taylor Ward Design. Starting with the song you select for your ceremony processional, she says it’s important to consider what the lyrics of the song are saying, even if those lyrics aren’t being sung! “A song that has a nice melody might, in fact, have a very off-putting sentiment, which will leave your guests confused or potentially uncomfortable.”

2. The tempo of the song doesn’t match the moment
Another thing couples have to consider, according to Ward, is how the tempo of the music they choose will impact the stage of the wedding that’s currently underway. “For example, when deciding on a song to enter the reception, either as a couple or with the entire bridal party, it’s imperative that you pick an up-tempo song that gets the crowd on their feet.” This way, your first dance will begin with a bang with all your friends and family surrounding you, not sitting at their tables deep in conversation, unaware of the special moment that’s about to take place.

3. You forgot to research the meaning of the lyrics
While there’s no hard and fast rule you have to choose a sappy love song for your first dance or any song for that matter, accidentally selecting a breakup ballad or a song about unrequited love could leave your guests wondering WTF is up. As for the father/daughter dance, you’ll definitely want to look into the lyrics beforehand. Otherwise, things could get quite creepy if the song is telling a romantic story.

4. You chose a first dance song that was way too long
More often than not, couples instruct their DJ or band to play a shortened version (two minutes or so) of theirselected song for the first dance. Going with the full four-to-five minute version, however, will guarantee your guests lose that burst of energy they just had (unless you have a crazy-cool choreographed routine in store, of course).

5. Your song choices are offensive or inappropriate
Brides, remember that grandma is in the house! So if your DJ can’t play the clean versions of your favorite rap jams (you know, the ones jam packed with profanity), then it’s probably best not to play them at all out of respect for your guests.


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