Jennie Kwon’s 5 Tips on Picking Wedding Day Jewelry

Jewelry designer Jennie Kwon is the self professed “queen of dainty delicate jewelry.” Her necklaces, rings, and bracelets are the absolute epitome of layering pieces, and her newly launched bridal line doesn’t deviate from the main collection’s aesthetic. If you’re looking for unique and delicate engagement ring alternatives, the LA-based designer’s vintage-feeling designs are right up your alley. But, what we really want to know, is how wedding day jewelry stacks up to your everyday look.

We went beyond the engagement ring, and talked to the classical violinist, turned attorney, turned jewelry designer, to get the skinny on what defines your wedding day jewelry style.

When it comes to wedding bands, go with your gut
“You can search high and low and then you just get that gut feeling that it’s right when you find the right one. There are no rules nowadays with wedding jewelry and wedding stuff in general. So, no it doesn’t have to match your engagement ring perfectly,” says Kwon.

Too much jewelry? If you’re you a daily stacker, don’t go changing
Good news jewelry-obsessed brides, according to Kwon, there’s no such thing as too much wedding day jewelry! “It’s so particular to each bride’s personal style,” Kwon says. “There’s no reason why you should change it for a day that’s going to go down as one of the most important days of your life.” She suggests not changing your current look for the big day and go with what’s tried and true for you, “if you’re a daily stacker, then by all means.”

Layers upon layers of necklaces
If layering necklace on top of necklace is part of your daily routine, Kwon thinks, keep it yours for your wedding day. “Every decision you make related to your wedding day is a very personal, cultural and intimate one. I think the look of Indian women on their wedding days, all stacked and layered up with opulent jewels is absolutely beautiful.” But if one simple pendant or no necklace at all is how you do everyday, than keep it as such. “I went very simple on my wedding day because I think as a whole, I’m into a very clean aesthetic and this aesthetic was consistent throughout, including my dress, decor, etc.”

Keep things personal, especially when it comes to other rings
We love stacked rings as much as the next girl, but Kwon (a maven of ring stacking herself) says to keep it meaningful, “If they have special meaning to you and want them to be a part of your big day, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t wear them.” On the other hand, make sure the rings you are exchanging are center of the action, “I think on the flip side, some brides wouldn’t want to detract from the significance of their wedding day and would want to focus only on their wedding rings,” she adds.

Bridal party jewelry, to match or not to match?
If you love to mix and match, Kwon says the bridal party is the place to do it. “If you’re into accessorizing on your big day, I personally love a mishmash of different textures, colors, styles so long as they sort of all sing together,” But don’t shy away from keeping your bridesmaids’ jewelry matching uniformly if you love a clean aesthetic. Either way, Kwon’s delicate and modern styles make the perfect bridesmaid gift.


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