The 6 Top Social Media Wedding Faux-Pas to Avoid

Social media is a wonderful way to share a couple’s big day. However posting too much information, sharing unfortunate snapshots, or wasting time online can quickly turn a valuable tool into a wedding day disaster. So whether you’re a wedding guest or the bride and groom, here are six social media faux pas you should avoid.

1. Sharing a picture of the bride’s wedding dress before the wedding.
Neither a bride eager to share her wedding gown with the world, nor a bridesmaid bragging about her beautiful friend should show off the bride’s dress before she walks down the aisle. “Even if you change the settings so the groom can’t see, someone could show him,” points out Amy Nichols, owner of Amy Nichols Special Events and co-founder of The Poppy Group. “The dress is a surprise that should be saved for the wedding day.”

2. The bride or groom spending their wedding day on their phones.
To a bride bursting with excitement, it may seem like a necessity to post her emotions online. But Shannon Belew, author of The Art of Social Selling, recommends couples cut down on their social media time for their big day. “Otherwise,” she says, “you are missing being in the moment of your actual day. This sounds far-fetched, but it’s really not. Pick a few behind-the-scenes times to share if you must. Otherwise, leave the snapping and sharing to your friends and family.”

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3. Snapping social media photos during the ceremony.
Nothing will ruin a couple’s professional images quite like a dozen iPhones raised in the air. “Encourage guests not to take photos during the ceremony and other key moments,” advises Nichols. “Make guests aware of this preference with cards in their seats, a note on the program, and even an announcement by the officiant.”

4. Insisting on re-dos in order to get the perfect social media shot.
A couple and their guests could waste an entire reception attempting to capture an image that barely needs an Instagram filter. “Whether it’s you or a guest, if you didn’t get the shot the first time around, just let it go,” says Belew. “Otherwise, it starts to interfere with the festivities and take time away from enjoying the day or evening. If someone asks for a second shot, politely decline.”

5. Posting unflattering pictures of anyone at the wedding.
Friends and family will inevitably share snapshots of the wedding day. But it’s never OK to post images that make the couple look ridiculous, or that embarrasses their family or friends. “It may seem funny in the moment, but unless you have the blessing of the photo subject, don’t post anything unflattering or potentially scandalous,” says Nichols.

6. Over-sharing wedding details.
Couples should care to post necessary information with a light sprinkling of details. “When it comes to planning and preparing for the day, you can bombard your social media connections with wedding pictures and comments,” says Belew. “This is especially true if you have a lot of people in your online connections who won’t be involved in festivities. Be aware of how much you share and with whom.”


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